Company Overview

Cycops an Information Security company offers high-tech solution a reliable, high quality service in the field of Information security. Clients must know that working with Cycops’s consultants is a more professional, less risky way to develop in areas of information security than working completely in house with their own people. At Cycops, we work with you, helping you to identify your potential and become more innovative, competitive & efficient to help you grow exponentially in the global markets. We provide various products and services (Penetration testing, Vulnerability assessment, Wi-Fi security, Designing a security architecture, Compliance testing in terms of ISO 27001, Security audit for ISO27001, Incident response in case of a security breach to name a few.) to our clients to conceptualize & visualize technology driven business transformation initiatives.

We have a Complete Service Package for Companies interested in foraying into the booming Market. We have a team of highly qualified experts to assist our clients. Today, more than ever, companies depend on growth to build a strong market value. But, as we know, growth is a double edged sword. Growth comes only when one is secure.