Our Approach

Security-Operations-CenterInformation security is typically done in layers. Whether folks secure at the edge, the core, or in between, the network is secured in layers to ensure optimum protection.

It's becoming increasingly clear that the current model for network security -- defend the perimeter and patch, patch, patch -- has some serious shortcomings.

First, relying on signature files and patches doesn't provide the absolute protection that some vendors promise. Even if your perimeter systems are fully up to date, new attacks that signature files don't recognize will still get through.

External information access from partners and employees is a very important aspect in the design of security. Corporations need to be assured that their critical servers are safe from different internet threats. Additionally, because the Web is worldwide, it is impossible to create a global agreement on what traffic is inappropriate and how that traffic should be regulated. A major problem IT departments face is how to defend critical servers from hostile network traffic and network addresses.

Our areas of expertise are as follows:

  •   Penetration testing and Vulnerability Assessment
  •   Security information and event management Services
  •   Managed Security Services
  • Pre Certification Auditing
  • Web application security testing
  • Security monitoring
  • Digital Forensic Investigation
  • Information Security Training